Welcome to EchoTrace

A behavioral data collection tool


EchoTrace is a commercialized platform for researchers that passively collects participant data on Android and iOS. It was developed for human subjects research and a variety of diverse participants while supporting scalability, consent, and configurability.

Who Uses EchoTrace?


looking to manage and scale digital health population studies

needing student resources for integrating and testing new sensor technologies

Computer Scientists
needing real-time solutions for building and testing machine learning models

building new and innovate solutions around sensor-data

We are a powerful platform-as-a-service framework developed by Vibrent Health to provide a cybersecure infrastructure to help you and your team more precisely drive the collection of meaningful participant data in your research.

Why Use EchoTrace?

  • Accelerate biomedical and clinical research through inexpensive participant solutions
  • Use mobile apps and wearable sensors to identify behavioral data for populations and individuals
  • Accurately collect low-burden data from a range of mobile and wearable devices with HIPAA-compliant applications
  • Configure the precision and data quality objects remotely of each passively sensed data element
  • Combine data elements into personalize participant engagements based on patterns and behaviors

What are the Platform Benefits?

  • Wide array of in-phone and wearable sensors
  • Extensible and adaptable to new sensors and potentials for new data sources
  • Remotely configurable to your research needs
  • Connected to established Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Scalable to large population health communities and cohort studies as your system needs grow App now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store